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NDB is a leading provider of HITRUST Readiness Assessments for helping healthcare organizations - and other entities - in preparing for HITRUST i1 and r2 validated assessments. As an organization, if you are seeking to earn i1 and/or r2 validation & certification, then a HITRUST readiness assessment is absolutely critical for helping properly scope the actual engagement, determining gaps that may exist, while also putting place a roadmap for remediating control deficiencies, along with planning for major milestones.

Whichever route you choose in terms of HITRUST validation (i1 or r2), proper planning is essential, which begins by having a sound understanding of the HITRUST controls and their overall requirements. From missing policies and procedures to strengthening system configurations - and more - NDB’s HITRUST Readiness Assessments provide the necessary feedback your organization needs in moving forward with i1 and/or r2 validation & certification.

HITRUST Readiness Assessments for i1 and r2 Validated Assessments

Earning HITRUST i1 and r2 validation & certification is a major accomplishment for any organization, one that should begin with a HITRUST Readiness Assessment. NDB’s HITRUST Readiness Assessment offers include the following measures:

Assessing Scope: After determining which assessment is right for your organization (i1 or r2), it’s important to determine what business processes, systems, and personnel are to be included within the scope of an i1 orr2 assessment. Other important factors to consider when assessing scope are third-party providers and the services they provide. Having a clear and concise understanding of scope will result in a much more efficient and productive assessment process.

Determining Policies & Procedures Requirements: Core to any of today’s regulatory compliance mandates is having comprehensive, well-written information security and operational specific policies and procedures. HITRUST is no different, as i1 and r2 validated assessments require such documentation to be in place. As part of our readiness, NDBV will determine exactly what documentation is missing for HITRUS, and the next steps to take.

Also, because no two companies are ever identical in terms of business offerings and operations, one’s policies and procedures need to be written to the exact specifications of the organization itself. NDB has years of experience writing information security and operational specific policies and procedures. Our expertise saves clients dozens of hours and thousands of dollars on critical policy writing development.

To learn more about NDB’s i1 and HITRUST Risk-Based, 2-Year (r2) readiness assessments, contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

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